05 December, 2011

Silver Award Winner – International Green Awards


Out of 200 entries from all over the world we came second!

The judges had this to say about our company:

“This is a very creative solution to a significant global issue! It is also an excellent example of the application of emerging science to an environmental issue in a way that could lead to a genuine step-change by creating a market for reliable certification of timber products. This is inspiring!”

Not bad considering the diverse and impressive backgrounds of the judging panel, including the likes of:

Arianna Huffington – Huffington Post Media Group
Sir Crispin Tickell – Policy Foresight Programme; Oxford University
Marina Silva – Brazilian Environmentalist & Politician; Green Party

It was a great evening and we were glad to invite and share the fun with guests from the US Government and large European and global retailers. You can spot us in the bottom left hand corner:

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