14 December, 2011

DNA Barcodes of Life


We recently sponsored a workshop for scientists from all over the world to discuss tree barcoding at the fourth International Barcode of Life Conference held in Adelaide and Chaired this year by our Chief Scientific Officer Professor Andrew Lowe.

Our session on tree barcoding was Chaired by Michelle van der Bank of the University of Johannesburg in South Africa and included scientists and researchers from China, South America, South East Asia, USA and Europe.

The official project name is TREEBOL and it aims to create a DNA barcode for the estimated 100,000 tree species on the planet. These DNA barcodes will be “Open Source” and accessible to researchers, NGOs, Government agencies and private companies alike.

Here’s Andy (wearing a suit!) giving a key note address at the cocktail event held in the South Australia Natural History Museum. He’s now been made the Chair of the Barcode of Life Programme for Australia.

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